O'Shan Waters

An African American Indie Author

My first novel "Moments With You" released - Summer 2022

A story much like a blooming lotus flower.

As individual pedals slowly unfold opening one by one, the discovery of true beauty appears.

Currently, I am writing:

"Moments Of Reset" and "Making French Chocolate"

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This story is for the mature reader with a curious mind, and a desire to discover answers while becoming completely immersed in the life moments of Chantal-Marie Delacroix.

Are the moments in life and love just coincidences or is it destiny?

Curvaceous Chantal-Marie Delacroix is a proud biracial woman focused on her successful international career.

Over the past few years, Chantal-Marie has preferred wine, gourmet food, traveling, fine literature, and being with her sister-girlfriends. Happily, she has remained celibate and single with no interest in dating. However, a chance encounter with a foreign man felt cosmic.

Strong forces pull him toward this unknown American woman with mystical eyes.

Their unexplained attraction grew into an uncontrollable hunger, and they embark on a secret romance.

But what is forbidden can become the very thing that destroys you.

What is this mysterious attraction?

Who is he, really?

It's in the past, right?

Why can't she remember?

Was it just a moment or something much more powerful?


I haven’t read a romance eBook this long in a long time. Being a reader that enjoys books that moves the story with an abundance of dialog instead of lots of monologue, I had to practice lots of patience to not skim over parts of the story in order to discover and uncover the treasured moments you will find worth waiting for in ‘Moments With You’. . . I wanted to fall for this man as quickly as Marie did, but it took me some time. He had to grow on me. . . Hang in there because this…is just the beginning of the emotional ride Ms. Waters had in store for you. The narrative is very dominant in this story and having a music playlist to go with this book introduce me to artist I may have never heard of was a gift. Please, read this book and you can decide for yourself if the extensive narrative and monologue is a bonus for your reading experience. I’m very much a dialog reader; I want to be the character. I wondered if I could submerse myself in Marie, become her at first, and by the end of the book, the answer is a resounding, YES. . . What a roller-coaster ride this is. Oh. Man! This is more than a romantic read. It’s a saga. . . Part of 5-star review

It has been a while since I have read a novel of this great length. I started on Saturday and finished on Monday. When I say I didn't want to put it down, I mean it. The story carried forward at a wonderful pace. I will admit that I reread some of the chapters, not because. I didn't consume every bit of imagery set in this story, but because I am a hopeless romantic and voracious reader and wanted to soak my soul into the literary brilliance that O’Shan Waters crafted in "Moments with You.” I want you to understand that I cut my teeth on Harlequin Romances when I was a teenager. This is NOT a harlequin romance or a trashy dime store romance. This is a romantic novel. This is a story that no matter how old you are you can relate to the main characters. . . For this to be O’Shan Waters very first novel, makes me excited about her literary future. She is refined in her writing and builds up the anticipation of the next encounter. She truly adores these characters and has found a way to not trivialize their individual stories, with gratuitous sex. You actually understand their inner selves, personalities and what is the driving force in their lives. This is a remarkable book, that has set the stage for future editions with these characters. Well done Ms. Waters, I believe you are here to stay. Part of 5-star review

This author knows how to tell a good story. This doesn't read like a mere story, but unfolds like a journey through a real person's psyche. I considered taking away 1 star for the sheer length and wordiness of this super novel. But it is plain to see that this isn't just a bunch of words thrown together, but a story in which the author has surely placed her 'entire self' into these words. If you do tackle this novel (and I encourage you to do so) then be sure to read to the very end. When you think you know...I guarantee that you don't know. When you've judged the situation then keep reading because you'll soon be shown the other side of the coin. Moments With You is unpredictable, edgy, and not the saccharine sweet love story found in the Harlequin Romances. Marie and J are so HOT. Oh, and the musical references are amazing. This story will take you through a gamut of emotions. I recommend it. Part of 5 star review

As a Pacific Northwest native, I took the leap from writing short stories and emotions reflected in poetry to creating my first novel. My style is to write in a way that often moves a reader to feel different emotions.

I have been told that it is a complex and inspirational craft of descriptive writing and storytelling.

After over thirty years of personal writing, I was encouraged to publish my creative works by several close friends, experienced authors, my amazing muse, and an inspirational quote from Toni Morrison, “If there is a book you want to read that hasn’t been written then you must write it.”

So, I did with “Moments With You” which was an exciting journey of expression that took me less than four months to write.

It is my desire that readers will relate to the realistic complexity of human behavior, and relationships while finding the beauty of self-discovery, tranquility, and hope.

After all, life is better with a book in hand—especially when paired with a cup of tea or glass of wine!