O'Shan Waters

 A story is much like a blooming lotus flower.  

As individual pedals slowly unfold opening one by one, 

the discovery of true beauty appears. 

The Moments Collection 

 #1 Moments With You

  #2  Making French Chocolate 

 A Prequel Love Story 

#3 Moments In Time 

 A Lineage Saga

   #4  Moments Of Reset 

 A New Beginning 


Moments With You

Making French Chocolate

Making French Chocolate's Playlist

   As two culturally opposing strangers engage in an intellectual tug of war, they unknowingly set into motion a chain of events that will make delicious French Chocolate.

 Moments In Time

Moments In Time – A Lineage Saga is an anthology-style novel spanning generations. 

This prequel backstory will expand on the family bonds and their dysfunctions, taboo relationships, love, oppression, lust, torment, heartbreak, good, evil, myths, and truth. 

Each part could have been a separate short story. However, this is a bonus historical guide within this captivating series.

 Moments Of Reset 

A reset is a new beginning. 


By the spring of 2029, Chantal-Marie's life had been blessed with unimaginable happiness and the rare wonder of having true love. But it was suddenly snatched away.


Now, juggling her responsibilities, Marie often struggles with the loss and being a Black woman living in South Korea.


Navigating her new life, Marie learns more about herself, her family, and those around her. However, along the way, she will uncover the good and the evil, while pursuing the truth and exposing what had been hidden.


In this final novel, will the changes in Marie's life and the unknown obliterate her hopeful dreams for an awakened promise, waiting just around the corner?

Moments Of Reset Music Playlist

As a Pacific Northwest native, I leaped from writing short stories and emotions reflected in poetry to creating my first collection of novels.

My style is to write in a way that often makes a reader feel many different emotions along the journey

Inspired by a quote from Toni Morrison, “If there is a book you want to read that hasn’t been written then you must write it.” So, I did

As an Indie Author, I've been blessed, humbled, and overjoyed with the results. Moments With You and Moments In Time won "Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Awards" and Making French Chocolate and the entire Moments Collection received Firebird Award Honorable Recognition.

I'll continue to craft compelling stories that grip and move hearts.