O'Shan Waters

 A story is much like a blooming lotus flower.  

As individual pedals slowly unfold opening one by one, the discovery of true beauty appears. 

The Moments Collection 

  "Moments With You" 

    "Making French Chocolate - A Prequel Love Story" 

 "Moments in Time - A Lineage Saga" 



     "Moments of Reset - A New Beginning

Making French Chocolate

Français chocolat is not very sweet. It is dark, bold, and thick with a subtle bitterness that delicately stimulates the soft palate with an extravagant explosion of rich and luxurious flavor.

   As two culturally opposing strangers engage in an intellectual tug of war, they unknowingly set into motion a chain of events that will make French Chocolate.

Making French Chocolate Book Trailer

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Moments With You

Are the moments in life and love just coincidences or is it destiny?

Curvaceous Chantal-Marie Delacroix is a proud biracial woman focused on her successful international career. 

Over the past few years, Chantal-Marie has preferred wine, gourmet food, traveling, fine literature, and being with her sister-girlfriends. Happily, she has remained celibate and single with no interest in dating.  However, a chance encounter with a foreign man felt cosmic. 

Strong forces pull him toward this unknown American woman with mystical eyes.

Their unexplained attraction grew into an uncontrollable hunger, and they embark on a secret romance.

But what is forbidden can become the very thing that destroys you.

 Moments In Time

Moments in Time – A Lineage Saga is an anthology-style novel spanning over two-hundred years and covers family bonds and dysfunctions, taboo relationships, love, oppression, lust, torment, heartbreak, good, evil, myths, and truth. 

Each part of this book could have been four separate short stories. However, Ms. Waters published this as a limited edition  "Bonus Book" in The Moments Collection.

As a Pacific Northwest native, I took the leap from writing short stories and emotions reflected in poetry to creating my first novel. My style is to write in a way that often moves a reader to feel different emotions. 

I have been told that it is a complex and inspirational craft of descriptive writing and storytelling.

After over thirty years of personal writing, I was encouraged to publish my creative works by several close friends, experienced authors, my amazing muse, and an inspirational quote from Toni Morrison, “If there is a book you want to read that hasn’t been written then you must write it.”

So, I did during a four-month creative journey pouring out of myself “Moments With You”. I learned a lot after the publishing of this first book. One, the longest part is the editing and set-up, the writing was easy. 

MWU is what those in the industry call a "mega novel"  aka Megladon meaning big tooth. Not for those who don't like to chew... and chew... and chew. I suppose. Finally, the complex layers of MWU were not like a traditional "IR" but it fit better as a woman's contemporary fiction.

MFC is a condensed version of what was in my head and I loved how it turned out. I hope you do too. It is my desire that readers will relate to the realistic complexity of human behavior, and relationships while finding the beauty of self-discovery and becoming curiously hopeful. I defiantly have my own style and there are ways to write that amplify the principles I strive to uphold.    

After all, life is better with a book in hand—especially when paired with a cup of tea or glass of wine